MyFarm Weekly 02/10/2021

Welcome to MyFarm weekly. This is the place you will find anything and everything we have been up to here at the farm.

Congratulations To Our Employee Of The Month…Karamo

The week started with a day full of fun and community engagement at the beach. It was international coastal clean up day, so we took some of our team and loads of the MyFarm students down to Bijilo to heWe will start off with probably the most popular employee of the month we will ever have. Karamo really is a star that shines his light over the whole team. His hard work. Dedication and all around positive spirit lifts everyone, everyday…well done Karamo.

A Huge Thank You To Books For Gambia

This week we had brilliant news in education. Books For Gambia has packaged and shipped over 1000 books to us, this will help the children who come to MyFarm for years to come. We plan on extending our library, and organising community book swaps for the surrounding area. Thank you so much to the team at Books For Gambia for their kind donation.

Elsewhere in education everything, and we mean everything is improving. The facilitators are really engaging the kids more, the children are working through their app books and are excited to be learning everyday.

This week we have been working with Leap Learning to help find a way to build Learning Labs all over the world. We are working on a competition that will give away labs to communities who need/deserve it. Want to help us build foundations for a better future all over the world? Then get in contact on

In The Garden

The garden team have been super busy this week preparing for the imminent arrival of our volunteers and the fast approaching growing season. They worked so hard on Wednesday to clean up the entire volunteers area, even making a raised bed just for the volunteers to try and grow their own veg too :). Saidou, Alieu and Karamo have been especially busy with the prep…making the whole farm look beautiful with a few extra local archways and flower propagation all over the farm.

Abdoulie and Ousman have done a brilliant job this week. Their permaculture training turned a bunch of desk jockeys into gardeners. It was so cool to watch the passion and excitement coming from the trainees months about how much they now loved gardening. We focused on soil health this week and did skills on composting, raised bed making, keyhole gardening, propagation, food forests, and complimentary plants. This training will be amazing 🙂

In Processing

The processing team also had a nice day out this week. We visited loads of unique and wonderful shops across the country to see if any of them In processing, its been a hectic week getting large orders made and delivered to various shops around Gambia. The famous Timbooktu was the largest order, so if you are in Fajara, go on down to the best book shop in Gambia, grab a coffee and check out our amazing products, we have a bit of everything there now. Isatou has been doing some presentation training ready for her soap production test training next week. Isatou did fantastic and we cannot wait to see her new style.

We Are One Happy Family Right Now

Team spirit at the farm is sky high! Everyone is working as a unit, and we love that. This week we had to clean and clear the front of the farm before the dry season. And for the first time ever, it only took one day…Every single person helped out and we got the job done 🙂

We also had a staff and student football match. Drawing 1-1 with the local team. Well done everyone

Beach Cleaning Is Fun And Good For The Soul

We ended the week with a good old fashion beach clean. We work with Growing Green Communities every 2 weeks to help clean up the beaches of Gambia. The MyFarm children love coming and spending the morning cleaning up the beach. This week we had so many volunteers we almost filled up the whole skip 🙂

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