Processing At MyFarm Is Hand Done With Love & Care, Using Only The Very Best Ingredients Grown At The Farm…Now That’s What We Call “Seed To Business”

The Farm Provides Us With Nearly All We Need To Make These Wonderful Products…How Cool Is That!

We Make All Our Products At The Farm Using Sustainable Technologies Wherever We Can

Solar Dryers

We have solar driers dotted all over the farm. We use these to dry out Moringa, Mango, Lemongrass, And other ingredients to use in our products.

Solar Ovens

The solar ovens at the farm are used for many things, we always reserve at least 2 for the processing team to sterilise the jars ready for our delicious jams and chutneys to be packaged.

We Use Sustainable Resources Too

When we make our soap we use peanut husks instead of wood to heat up the ingredients. This is far more sustainable and is readily available in The Gambia.

We Share Everything At MyFarm, And We Train Anyone Who Wants To Learn All Our Processing Knowledge

Buy Our Products At The Onsite MyFarm Shop Or At Retailers Around The Gambia…Available Online Soon

Beauty Products


The soaps made at MyFarm are the most luxurious in The Gambia. We use a special blend of fragrances found at the farm and use beeswax from the hives to give them the rich texture.


Exfoliating and regenerative body creams and lip balms made using only the very best ingredients are produced by our team. Moringa with its many healing properties is customers favourite.

Food Products


Trying to use all of the farms resources can be a challenging tasks, we just have so many delicious fruits and veggies. Preserving these is so important, and we have some of the most delicious jams, chutneys and dried fruits the Gambia has to offer.

Teas & Juices

Perhaps the most popular products is our range of tea bags, and all have medicinal value too 🙂

Not only do we preserve our fruits, we also juice them. Our Mango juice is famous in the local area for its sweet taste and thick consistency.

MyFarm Honey

9 onsite beehives and thousands of bees make the MyFarm honey for us. The diversity in our gardens is what makes our honey so special though. The sweet and delicious taste represents all the flowers and plants grown throughout the farm.


Our products are available at several stores in The Gambia. Current Stockists:

  1. Heewal Supermarket at Bijilo
  2. King Baker at turntable
  3. Right Choice at Kololi
  4. TK mini market at Brusibi
  5. Organic Store at Icywonderland
  6. Timbooktoo Bookstore in Fajara