MyFarm’s Garden Is As Productive As It Is Beautiful. We Aim To Be An Example Of Permaculture In Practice To The Rest Of The Country!

Check Out Some Of The Permaculture Techniques We Use At MyFarm

Raised Beds

A raised bed is simply a garden bed that is raised off the ground. It is so useful, especially when the soil is compacted like at MyFarm. We have over 20 raised beds, all of which are made from materials found at the farm.

Keyhole Gardening

A keyhole garden bed is raised circular garden bed with a wedge-shaped cutout along one side, at its centre is a compost bin for kitchen scraps. As a keyhole bed is watered, the nutrients from the compost bin are spread around the bed, making it super fertile, allowing for more vegetable growth in a small area.

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The Food Forest

Imagine A Place Where The Circle Of Life Is In Harmony, & You Are A Part Of It. Each Plant Or Animal In The System Works Together…That Is A Food Forest.


Composting is the first thing anyone should do when practicing permaculture. It is so important and will recycle your waste as well as improve the soil in your garden.


We use cuttings for propagation all around the farm. It helps us grow things quicker, and make sure that we keep favourable plants by duplicating them.

Interested In Learning More About Our Garden and Permaculture?

Register your interest in our brand new permaculture training program. We want to help fight food insecurity in Gambia the only way we know how, planting a seed of knowledge and understanding and giving you the confidence to use these skills in the real world

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We Also Have A Micro Garden

A micro-garden is an intensive agricultural solution in which plants/vegetables are grown in a more intensive way, making best use of limited spaces. It is ideal for  urban and semi-urban settlements with limited space, as well as where the access to water and good soil is a challenge. We show this off at MyFarm and train people on how to start their own micro gardens too.