MyFarm Weekly 24/09/2021

Welcome to MyFarm weekly. This is the place you will find anything and everything we have been up to here at the farm.

Beach Cleaning Is Fun & Good For The Soul

The week started with a day full of fun and community engagement at the beach. It was international coastal clean up day, so we took some of our team and loads of the MyFarm students down to Bijilo to help out Gambia Ocean Hero’s and clean up the beach. We are proud to have been just one of thousands of teams around the world trying to be part of the solution…not the pollution.

A Education Trip To The Snake Farm

Snake’s and reptiles are often misrepresented in The Gambia, locals are usually scared of them and will often kill them on site. We don’t want this, we want our team to be in the know, and learn what to do if a snake is stumbled upon, which can happen at the farm. So we enlisted the help of the amazing team at the Snake & Reptile Farm in Kartong. They happily gave us a fantastic day of learning all about these beautiful creatures and now our team know exactly what to do.

In The Garden

The garden team are always busy, no matter what time of year it is. This week they have continued their weeding mission throughout the farm, and have been working to prepare the site for the fast approaching dry season. They’ve also renovated our worm farm, which will be act as a nursery for all those important little invertebrates.

Sales Practice With Processing team

And Ice Cream 🙂

The processing team also had a nice day out this week. We visited loads of unique and wonderful shops across the country to see if any of them wanted to stock our range of organic beauty products. It was a day of training too and Isatou & Mariama rose to the challenge :). Elsewhere in the team Saidou and Ramatoulie have been busy harvesting and drying loads of Lemongrass & Moringa ready for processing next week.

“An Educational Journey From Seed To Business…For EVERYONE”

MyFarm is supposed to be a learning experience for everyone who visits. So we have been super busy making bamboo sign boards all over the farm. These inform visitors all about the incredible things we do here, and the unique properties of the plants and behaviours of animals on site. All these were made with bamboo grown at the farm of course 🙂

Lastly,,,Happy Birthday To Yerro, our day security guard and one of the nicest members of the team 🙂

Quiet for MyFarm standards :):):)

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