MyFarm is a special place, and we do special things. Every single training program, educational activity, and community outreach we do in The Gambia is completely free, and the benefit to the local community is HUGE. We need support to help us continue our activities. Help us provide “An Educational Journey From Seed To Business” for as many people as we possibly can!

A Good Education Is The Foundation For A Better Future, Help Us To Build The Best Foundation For The People In Gambia!

Staff Salaries

Our staff are fantastic, and they are constantly learning and developing in order to pass that knowledge on to as many people as possible. They share our mission, and we need to make sure that they are paid good and fair wages. We also need to bring in the best team possible.


Each student at MyFarm learns everyday. One program we are trying to get up and running is a book swap for the children, and the local community. We need as many books as possible to do this, so please get in touch if you have books you would like to donate.

Office Supplies

It may not be the most glamorous form of donation, but we desperately need office supplies, they are in short supply in The Gambia. Our students need this to learn and we need it to run 🙂

Garden Supplies

Our gardens are huge, we need to have all the equipment we can to keep it running properly. You can donate anything, seeds, equipment, money to buy equipment, we really appreciate any help we can get.

Other Ways To Donate

If you are in Norway you can make a direct transfer to the following bank account: Africa StartUp in DnB. Account no: 15030586686

For international transfer, please use:

IBAN number: NO 35 1503 05 86686,  SWIFT Code: DNBANOKK

Or Use Our Paypal –

What Our Students Say!

In my normal school me and my friends were not having the opportunity to express ourselves. With the help of MyFarm we now feel like we can express ourselves in any way we feel like. We are empowered to be us!

― Haddy, MyFarm student

MyFarm has given me the confidence to be the best that i can be. MyFarm has given me the opportunity at a good education, this has helped me become a great student at my school and will help me in my future career.

― Isatou, MyFarm student

Donate In Person

Come and visit us! We welcome donations in person at the farm too. That way you get to see what a special place it really is!