“An Educational Journey From Seed To Business”

MyFarm is exactly that! Our beautiful one-hectare farm is a creative hub where people of all ages learn, train, and share knowledge in and amongst the mixed fruit orchard.

MyFarm aims to showcase a holistic approach to learning by showcasing how things relate to each other. There is so much going on at MyFarm, learn all about it right here!


Innovative learning techniques are tested, trialed, and improved at MyFarm to get them ready to be shipped across the world. Leap Learning (our lead partner) uses specialised Learning Labs that are designed for children (and all ages) to learn to learn.


We specialise in facilitating training that gives participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to become a success in the real world!


Soaps, oils, balms, creams, powders, we have it all, and much more, everything is produced in our on-site production container by our team of expert processors. 


We strive to make our garden the best example of permaculture in The Gambia! Our team of gardeners are all trained in permaculture techniques. We use and showcase these all over the farm.

Introducing…Leap Learning

Leap Learning is our lead partner. They have set up innovative Learning Labs all over the world. Each Learning Lab uses unique apps and hands on games at different stations around the room, this ensures the children can use at their own level and pace. We test their new ideas right here at MyFarm

We Have The Coolest Truck In The Gambia!!!

We want our learning to go beyond MyFarm…So we created MyFarm On Wheels. A Truck fitted with all we need to run a mini MyFarm anywhere in The Gambia!

The MyFarm Lumo

At MyFarm we hold regular Lumo’s (A regular market in communities around the Gambia). The MyFarm Lumo is a special day for the whole community with educational activities run by our team, local entertainment, and incredible locally made products. The whole family will enjoy these days so keep an eye out for the next event!

Jeremiah, Leap Learning Student

I am Jeremiah, but my friends call me Jerry 😊. I like to learn, but if it is not through play or if it is not interesting, I will run away and ride my wheel. I am easily distracted if learning becomes boring. Bye teeeacher!!😁”

Yaya, Entrepreneurship Trainee

” MyFarm’s training has given me the skills, and confidence to start my own business. I cannot wait to get started :)”

Evrim, MyFarm Volunteer

” I come and go to MyFarm periodically. And when I go away from here, I miss this place so much. I think there are very few places on earth that make you feel at home and at peace, as a part of nature.”

Meet The MyFarm Family Right Here!

Get Ready For The Experience Of A Lifetime!

“Join Us On Our Educational Journey From Seed To Business”