All students are welcome at MyFarm. Children from the local area and beyond can come and use all our facilities…for free…we share everything!

Innovative learning techniques are tested, trialed, and improved at MyFarm to get them ready to be shipped across the world.

Leap Learning Is Our Lead Partner. Their Innovative Education Methods Are Improving Lives All Over The World…And It Starts Right Here At MyFarm

The Educational Solution is Here!!!

Literacy Lab

Drop in students from the surrounding area focus on basic reading and writing. The labs give children the chance to learn through exploring and by playing, with access to different learning games at each station within a lab. Learning labs have been proven to be so effective that some children can learn to read and write in weeks!

Numeracy Lab

In this lab the students focus on basic numeracy with access to tablets pre-installed with over 500 educational apps designed for them to learn, at their level, and at their pace.

Each Learning Lab uses unique apps and hands on games at different stations around the room, this ensures the children can learn at their own level and pace.

Creativity Lab

The creativity lab is still under development and is being trialled and tested right here at MyFarm. All things creative are done in here, including mandela artwork, lego, and music. We are currently developing even more apps to help the children’s creativity flourish.

Science Lab

Also in development, the science lab aims to teach the children all about the world and everything within it. We are using fun and practical educational games and apps teaching the children all about the climate change, animals, trees, nutrition, and much more. We are developing additional apps all the time.

IT Lab

We also have a Computer/IT- Lab where we offer programs to fit all levels and provide them with IT-training to prepare them for the new computerised Gambia. We have a special focus on girls classes here to empower the young generation of women,- with programs as Scratch, Minecraft – creative module, Micro-bit and the Windows package.

School Trips

Schools are always welcome to come and visit MyFarm. Contact us before your visit to arrange your program. Every visit starts with a tour around our beautiful gardens, and you can engaged your children in soap production, garden activities, sustainable technologies, or do a bit of everything.

We use MyFarm to teach the children environmental education, science and nature, spark their creativity, and inspire green practices through specially designed activities that let these children learn by doing! Our team run practicals on everything from transplanting seedlings, to making homemade organic soaps with ingredients collected on the farm itself.

The Children Love Our Special Programs


The summer program is the biggest of the year. It’s a time for the children to have fun, but also learn. The children have full access to our labs, and we arrange special educational activities throughout the month. This year saw the inaugural MyFarm olympics too.


The Christmas program engages the children in environmental activities throughout the farm and we also take them on community outreach programs to spread a little Christmas joy :).


Our shortest program is still full of fun and education for the children. For its duration they learn in the Labs and gardens. The easter egg hunt throughout our gardens is always a great ending.

Register Your Child Today

We believe education is an opportunity for a better future. We believe this opportunity should be the same all over the world. That is why education at MyFarm is completely free…all you have to do is come in and register your child.

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“An educational journey from seed to business”

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