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Africa Startup in cooperation with Leap Learning have for several years developed different solutions for education by combining technology and tactile tasks. By accommodating for different approaches to learning we reach out broadly and most people find their way of adapting new knowledge and skills.


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Based on our experience with conventional entrepreneurship training in Africa through our program “How to make money”, we have created an innovative method adding the best components into our new Leap Learning Entrepreneurship Lab. The lab is an inspiring environment to motivate youth and adults to learn about entrepreneurship in a dynamic and interactive way.

Entrepreneurship apps

125 entrepreneurship apps

Lab Concept

The Lab consists of banners that show the most important learning goals and outcomes, training videos and tablets with 125 specially developed apps for practicing and learning new curriculum, as well as hands-on games for discussions and elaboration on the different subjects. The Labs setup is based on the structure of our well-used trainng guide “How to make money”. This gives the users a step by step introduction to entrepreneurship.

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Tasks and games

Practical tasks and games


During the Covid-19 pandemic we offer our entrepreneurship apps for free through our webapps platform. Go to and click on the Entrepreneruship icon. Use the promocode htmm to access the apps.