Brand New! Entrepreneurship Lab

The Entrepreneurship Lab uses successful training materials and methods developed in Africa over several years. Each material has been tested many times in real life training programs implemented by both Africa Startup and Leap Learning.

The Entrepreneurship Lab covers a complete curriculum of key business principles and engages students on everything from why and how to start a business, to marketing, controlling money, and creating an action plan.

The Lab is an inspiring room to conduct very practical and down to earth training for grass root to medium level entrepreneurship students.

The Entrepreneurship Lab engages students in practical, hands-on tasks, and fun role playing designed to equip them with lifelong skills to help them succeed in not only business, but also in full time employment…and life. We use innovative learning methods that make learning about business fun!

How To Make Money Training Guide

We have developed a practical and relatable training guide perfect for the African context. The guide covers 25 different business principles and guides students through making their own businesses starting from the ‘the business recipe all the way through to business planning and scaling up.

125 Entrepreneurship Apps

In the Entrepreneurship Lab there are 25 videos explaining each of the business principles discussed in the ‘How To Make Money Newspaper’. The videos explain the principals in a fun and easy to digest way, with each video having its own collection of educational applications to reinforce, and further learning. See apps online here!

Hands On Games

Hands-on games are specifically developed for the Entrepreneurship Lab and initiate discussions relating to business principles. The games also encourage students to reflect and
analyse businesses, their needs, and what they could do to make even more money.

Learn Business By Playing Dipeo!!!

Students trade with eggs, seeds, goats, cows, and other farm products. As they move around the game mat, they land on different fields. They will get the chance to buy and sell. Everything they own, money and products, are their assets. The aim of the game is to make as much money as possible.

Research Corner

In business, research is key, every Entrepreneurship Lab has part of the room dedicated to inspiring students to research. Here they will find a laptop, if possible with a good internet connection, and banners dedicated to why and how to research effectively.

Tasks and games

Interested to learn more? We have years of implementing experience and can set up a fully functional lab in just a few hours. Our team will come to you, organise and run an intensive training session for potential beneficiaries and provide additional support in the long term. Please contact us with the topic ‘Entrepreneurship Lab’ and we will provide you with everything you need. Contact


During the Covid-19 pandemic we offer our entrepreneurship apps for free through our webapps platform. Go to and click on the Entrepreneurship icon. Use the promocode htmm to access the apps.