The MyFarm staff are the heart and soul of the farm. They all have one thing in common too!

The ALL want to learn!

MyFarm is a place to share skills and knowledge, just like the students, the MyFarm staff are there to learn from one another and all our activities. We have 3 core teams at MyFarm, but just like the plants in our permaculture garden we all work together.

The Education Team

Muhamed Jonga

Head Of Education

Jonga has been with MyFarm since December, and he has been fantastic. He is loved and respected by the team, students, and volunteers. Jonga works tirelessly to make sure the farm is running smoothly and we hope for a long and successful relationship.

Lamin Jammeh

Head Of IT & Training

Lamin aka Mr Jammeh is one of the natural leaders in the team. Students and staff alike look up to him. He started off as an IT teacher and has become so much more, now he is an expert trainer and helps facilitate many of MyFarms activities!


Yaya has been working as a teacher for several years in government schools in The Gambia. He loves working with children and has enjoyed the change of approach to education he has experienced at MyFarm.


Ancha is one of the newest members of our team, but she has made a big impact with her big personality. She’s a born creative and loves working with the kids in the creativity lab!



Mohammed is a trainee, and has shown great promise in the short time he has worked at the farm. He has been learning the ins and outs of our innovative learning labs!

The Processing Team

Isatou Bah

Head Of Processing

Isatou is a strong, smart and powerful woman who has been working at my farm for 6 years. Her hard work and dedication is an example for all the young women we have at learning at the farm!


Mariama is the mother of MyFarm and is our longest serving member of the team. She is the preserving queen, making our delicious Jams, chutneys, marmalades, juices, and dried goods. You haven’t had toast until you’ve had it with Mariama’s melt in the mouth mango jam.


Ramatoulie is proof that MyFarm is a special place to work. She comes in all the way from Banyata, North Bank Gambia, her 3 hour journey doesn’t keep her from smiling once she gets to the farm though.

Isatou Jallow


The youngest member of our family. Isatou is just 19 years old, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. She is a trainee facilitator, but helps out all over the farm. We can’t wait to see her development over the next few years.

The Garden Team


Garden Head

Abdoulie is the head gardener, and you know what, he loves MyFarm so much he’s been with us twice! Abdoulie works hard to make sure MyFarm is the very best example of permaculture in The Gambia!


Ousman is such a friendly man, and is an expert gardener. We are currently helping him to develop the skills he needs to pass on his knowledge to others in the best way possible.


Alieu is our resident animal man! He has been with us for 3 years and can be seen on a daily basis all over the farm caring for and playing with all the animals we have at the farm.


A calm and chilled man who has an eye for detail, he’s the flower man and always will be here at MyFarm. Whilst others take breaks, he arranges flowers for the whole team to enjoy.


Saidou is quiet, cool, and friendly. You won’t hear him taking very much, but his warm smile and friendly nature makes him a very popular member of the team. Using the skills he leant growing up in Guniea, he is an expert builder and made our brand new local bantaba!

Muhamed Badjie

Garden Planner

Muhamed loves gardening, for him it is the only thing he has ever wanted to do, and he says it will be the only thing he ever wants to do. Muhamed has years of experience in the garden, having worked in the vast gardens at the Bahai temple in Israel.

And The Rest


Driver, Trainer, MyFarm On Wheel Coordinator

Babucarr is one of the longest serving members of the MyFarm family. He’s a man of many talents and has developed from being just the driver to an essential member of the team. He drives the coolest truck in the country, and is the coolest customer at the farm.



Yerro is, despite his job role of security guard, the sweetheart of the family. Everyone loves him. He warm and friendly nature always gives people the best welcome to the farm.

And…The Management 🙂


Founder And CEO

Marit is a “just do it” person with a real passion to make a difference for those less fortunate than herself. Marit started her work in The Gambia in 2008, and entered into projects in close cooperation with the government and civil society partners. Using her own experience in combining education, technology, and practical skills training, she established MyFarm, a “creative hub” for developing new concepts under her foundation, Africa StartUp.


Management team

Becky’s mission in life is to raise environmental awareness through education at grass roots level! Working all around the world, she now finds herself at MyFarm working hard to realise her mission. She has years of experience teaching students in lower to middle income countries, her contribution to activities and staff empowerment is huge!


Management Team

Lucas is virtually a Gambian. He has been coming too and from for the last 20 years, building his own socially responsible business in the country. A chance meeting between founder and CEO Marit ended with Lucas facilitating entrepreneurship training for MyFarm. He loved it and now he is working hard to create and develop training programs in The Gambia.

Want to work with us?

All you need to be happy and fulfilled at MyFarm is a positive, and proactive personality, the rest you’ll learn when you get here 🙂