“An educational journey from seed to business”

We specialize in facilitating training that gives participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to become a success in the real world!

We run a variety of training programs and are expanding our capabilities all the time.

Our Mix of skills and business training is incredibly powerful and provides trainees an extensive platform at which to succeed. Using our innovative training mediums reinforces learnings further and not only shares our knowledge effectively, but also provides self-learning opportunities to trainees, inspiring them to succeed.

Micro Gardening & Entrepreneurship

This training program gives participants the skills to make own micro-gardens, in their own compounds. Not only that but we also give them the knowledge to use those skills to make money, and improve their livelihoods… how cool is that. 

Are you an NGO, Training Centre or organisation and want to use our training materials? We have everything you could possibly need to initiate long lasting development in your country. 

Soap Production At Mile2

Everyone deserves a second chance! And that is exactly what out soap production training at Mile2 (prison in The Gambia) is all about. Providing inmates, the opportunity to wash away old habits and reintroduce themselves back into society with the skills and confidence to start their own soap making businesses!

All our training programs use specially designed guides, apps and games

Permaculture Training

We practice permaculture systems all over the farm, now we want to share all the knowledge so we have started to develop an exciting new training program based around permaculture.

MyFarm will offer a very practical approach to how permaculture principles can be deployed in the Gambian context.  We intended to prepare trainees with the required knowledge and skills as an introduction to Permaculture for farmers that have special interest to improve their efficiencies and scale their food production using permaculture techniques. 

Drop-In Training

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to be selected by one of our specialist trainings, you can still pop by MyFarm and we can give you some 1-1 training or general information on any of the following topics:

  • Micro-Gardening
  • Permaculture
  • Soap Production
  • IT Training 
  • Reading & Writing in Our Learning Labs
  • Entrepreneurship

In The Gambia, All Our Courses Are FREE, Get in Contact To Be Considered For The Next One



3 weeks course

Soap Production


2 week course

Permaculture Training


4-week course


“An educational journey from seed to business”


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