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MyFarm is a truly special place! We are full of innovative educational activities, we have vast and beautiful permaculture gardens, we do incredible outreach programs…There is literally something for everyone! All you need to be happy and fulfilled at MyFarm is a positive, and proactive personality, the rest you’ll learn when you get here 🙂 

Help To Educate The Children In Gambia

Working with the youth of Gambia is so rewarding. Watching their development is just amazing. You will have the opportunity to work in our specialised learning labs, you will get to work with them in the garden, you will get to help develop new content Leap Learning’s app universe…and you will get to know each and every one of the children at the farm…we’re one big family.

Our Mission

Improve livelihoods in Africa and around the world, through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection entrepreneurship and new innovative learning methods for basic literacy, numeracy, logic and concepts.

Get Your Hands Dirty In Our Permaculture Gardens

Are you a born gardener? If so you will love volunteering in our garden. There is literally always something to do. You will get to work with our resident permaculture experts developing systems and testing and trialling new technique. The garden is a learning bonanza!!!


Work in our Learning Labs and help the children in the local area learn basic literacy and numeracy. The children love to learn.

MyFarm On Wheels

We take regular trips to schools and communities and facilitate our curriculum wherever we go. Special training programs are also ran using the MyFarm truck, and we could always use an extra pair of hands.


Spend your days in the tranquility of our vast gardens and help our garden team continue their great work. Help to look after the many animals at the farm too.


Help us tell our story to the world! Help us share our knowledge, skills and education with as many people as possible. If you love what we do, and have the skills to help us, please get in touch


MyFarm is a constantly evolving project and we are developing our site all the time. Come and share your skills and make the farm even better

Content Creation

We are on a mission to put everything we do in app form so we can share it with the world! We need help to create content for these apps so come along and just get involved in everything 🙂

Join The Coolest Truck In Gambia On Its Outreach Programs

Being inside MyFarm On Wheels rocking up to an outreach program will warm anyones heart. the communities we visit are off the beaten track and the children and adults alike will be in awe of the truck. On our outreach programs you will facilitate educational activities with the children, teach the women of the village how to make soap, use solar ovens to make cakes, and much much more. The communities are always so thankful, you will be so proud when you leave!

Every day you will be treated to beautiful peaceful sunrises and colourful sunsets that filter through our canopy of mango trees. Its basic living, but you will have all that you will need.

What People Say

Volunteering at MyFarm has been a thrilling experience. As an academic researcher in agriculture, I was excited to find a sustainable farm in The Gambia. There is always something new to learn and MyFarm staff are always eager to teach and try new things. It is an awesome environment where even strangers get treated like family. So if you are innovative, or you desire to be, you like a friendly environment and you want an insight into the future of farming, I recommend MyFarm!

Jalil, MyFarm Volunteer

I come to MyFarm periodically. And when i go away from here I miss the place so much. I think there are very few places on the earth that make you feel at home and at peace, as a part of nature. Myfarm is eaxctly that.

Evrim, MyFarm Volunteers


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