MyFarm Weekly 26/11/2021

MyFarm school trip

Welcome to MyFarm weekly. This is the place you will find anything and everything we have been up to here at the farm.

This week MyFarm was full of excitement, learning, and happiness. Just the way we like it! After almost a year and a half without normal operations, the farm is beginning to get back to normal.

School trip season is the favourite time of the year for the staff. They love it! Why? They feed off educational energy, and love sharing the skills and knowledge they have with as many young Gambians as they can. Last week we had 3 schools visit the farm, and over 300 students wandering around the farm.

All the schools engaged in activities around the farm…soap production, transplanting, animal care and observations, solar cake baking, and of course time in the Learning Labs were all on the agenda. Everyone who comes to MyFarm should learn something, and that is exactly what happened.

The Learning Labs at MyFarm have been full of students all week, some coning for the first time, and others who have been learning in them for years. No matter what a student’s level, the Learning Labs will help them learn at their own pace by them exploring and playing. Learning Labs are now all around the world and we test, trial, and improve the concept right here at MyFarm. That means that our Learning Labs should be an example for the world! So… the education team rolled up their sleeves, took responsibility for the labs, and decided to replenish them. After a thorough clean, a good lick of paint, and some fresh new materials the labs are looking brand new again. Well done education team 🙂

We believe Learning Labs have cracked a code within education, and we will help develop these for years to come. The benefit they can have to people’s lives is huge, all you need to see is the children at MyFarm and you will understand! Helping Learning Labs spread further around the world is key to their success, so last week we held a specialised training program in Niger to get them ready to set up even more labs in the country.

New Residents At MyFarm

Last week we welcomed two new residents to the farm…Kotu and Penny the tortoises. And our new employee of the month, Alieu, carried on his great work and built Kotu the perfect new home. Come and visit to see this little cutie.

The growing season has officially begun. The garden team has been super busy planting nurseries around the farm, and we now have little seedlings everywhere, already it is the most diverse range of crops we have ever attempted!

Special Training At MyFarm

This week the garden team were treated to a special training by one of Gambia’s best and most knowledgable herbalists. This training is an ongoing project to help improve the knoewldge of our team at the farm,,, and they loved it! The training focused on learning all the uses and finding herbs and plants already at the farm that we are not currently utilizing. The team now have a much greater understanding of everything at the farm, and have also been taught shedulling skills, and are now working on their own special project to share that knowledge to everyone who comes to MyFarm

Well done to the whole MyFarm team. It is so great to have the place looking and feeling so amazing again 🙂

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