MyFarm Weekly 18/10/2021

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The women in Gambia are strong, powerful, resourceful, smart and capable, and deserve to be and feel empowered. We celebrated them in an inspiring and empowering event

This week we welcomed our very first in house volunteers since the beginning of the covid pandemic. Exciting times. We rely heavily on volunteers to be able to push some of our projects froward, and we are so happy that things are beginning, after nearly 2 years to start feeling more normal. The 2 volunteers are young, and extremely passionate about helping out at the farm, and both have such a willingness to learn 🙂

The volunteers are both young, strong, confident women, and before they cam out to Gambia, they suggested that they would love to create an event focused on women’s empowerment to celebrate the International Day Of The Girl Child (11th Oct). So thats exactly what we did.

On Friday we held the most empowering, the most inspiring, and the most thought provoking day MyFarm has every witnessed. The day was all about inspiring the next generation of women in The Gambia. At the end of the day we wanted them to dare to try, dare to fail, and most importantly, dare to dream. That’s exactly what we achieved, and we are proud of every single woman who came. Read the full story about the day here.


In education this week, the whole team has really stood up, they are working so much better with the kids, and in turn the kids are so much more engaged. Attendance has been high, and the children are really working through the games, apps, and stations to learn as much as they can.

Did you know that in Gambia over 30 schools use the Learning Lab concept? It is now becoming obvious that those children who have been using the labs for some time have far better grades than those that don’t. It is now our responsibility to make sure that these labs are maintained, and operate to the same level as the labs at MyFarm. We have been hard at work training ourselves, and figuring out systems that can ensure every single lab works the same, no matter where it is. We believe that our Learning Labs are the educational solution the world needs, and we will work tirelessly to get them operational in as many parts of the world as possible…that all starts right here at MyFarm

In The Garden

The garden team have had a fantastic week. They have been busy all around the farm preparing our beds for sowing seeds this coming week. This year we are aiming for as much diversity in our veggies as possible, and have received kind donations from many sources to test new crops at MyFarm. Karamo and Saidou deserve a shout out here. They have built the volunteers there very own sitting area next to the volunteers house. The whole build was using only materials found at the farm too 🙂

Get Ready For Gambia’s Greenest Event

Next week we are helping Growing Green Communities in their mission to connect and empower the environmental organisations in The Gambia. We will be helping them to organise and run Gambia’s 3rd eco event, this months theme is ocean conservation and will be help at Leybato beach hotel. Isatou and the rest of the processing team have been doing ups with ocean themed beauty products to sell at the event, and we have been preparing some great ocean themed workshops too. We can’t wait for this event, so if you are in Gambia, make sure you come down and enjoy a day for the whole family.

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