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We have programs for education and entrepreneurship.

1. Learning Labs

A Learning Lab is a flipped classroom, where the children is “in charge”. The classroom is equipped with tablets with 150 educational apps preinstalled, as well as hands-on games. The complete lab can fit in two suitcases and can thus easily and quickly be set up. The tablets do not require wifi or power supply to be used, but power supply is needed to charge the tablets at the end of the day.

The Learning Lab is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Somali and Norwegian.

2. Hotspots

A Hotspot is a rugged tablet preinstalled with 300 educational apps and 125 entrepreneurship apps. The tablet is mounted in a metal box and is set up outside. It does not require a lot of energy, and can be powered through a solar panel.

3. Entrepreneurship program

Our entrepreneurship program How To Make Money is an extensive program which helps people to realize their dreams of starting a business. The program consists of 25 modules. Each module has a video and some applications. In total there are 125 apps, available as Android applications and Web applications.

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